This is a major game player in planning your wedding and eases a lot of stress when a firm budget is set, either by you and your partner or anyone involved in buying your gown/ planning your wedding. Ask the boutiques for their price points before booking an appointment with them ,feel free to mention what your budget is as this will deter you from falling in love with a dress you cannot afford. At Confetti & Couture we normally like to discuss this during the consultation stage.If a dress is over your budget we will mention it to you and let you decide if you will consider increasing your budget.


Do your research, visit the websites of boutiques you like, check reviews, ask friends / family who may have purchased from there. Our Essex boutique is less busy during the week so you will find most shops are the same and you prefer a weekday appointment. Check how many guests you can take with you as all shops differ.


Finding basic knowledge normally helps before you start trying on wedding dresses. Find out about different silhouettes , fabrics and try to match that with your theme, wedding venue and your personal style/ preferences. Check the sizes the boutiques /shop cater for to ensure you will be able to try on their dresses.


Choosing your wedding dress can take time just like choosing who to marry, so allow enough time so you are not rushing and can accommodate dress delivery in time , alterations and if travelling abroad for wedding this will allow you to package dress appropriately, maybe order a wedding box etc.



Stepping out of your comfort zone is the route to discovering and finding your perfect dress, with the help of bridal shop consultants. At Confetti & Couture we emphasize on this element to all our brides, as remember we see these dresses on all different brides and often know what will look good on our brides so ” go for it ”.



Trust your instincts if you love a gown , no matter who you bring with you to your appointment always ensure your opinion is number one. Always remember it is you that will be wearing that dress, it is lovely for your entourage to have opinions but yours matters the most.


Enough information ……now get booking . Visit our bridal boutique , Confetti & Couture based in Romford Essex for your wedding dress shopping and we promise you a ”memorable experience” , plus a wide selection of our carefully selected designers who deliver the most exquisite dresses you will love.


Happy shopping!