Confetti and Couture

The Elysee stunning 2022 edition…..

ÉLYSÉE is inspired by Neoclassical art and architecture and uses modern silhouettes to accentuate the figure and contours the shape of the body. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek word “Elysium.” The meaning behind this word? A place or state of perfect happiness. Timeless and gorgeous, this line is sure to amaze.

This word was chosen particularly by the team as it references the bride’s wedding day. It is the feeling of her on her wedding day, the moment she is married, the moment where she may share a kiss with her beloved. The Elysee collection just delivers, the fit is superb, fashion forward, figure hugging dresses, jaw-dropping dresses, exquisite- show-stopping dramatic trains. ” definately you will make a statement on your wedding day in an Elysee wedding dress”


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