Wedding dress sorted….venue booked…make-up and even hair-style chosen….now time to for a vital accessory -fabulous shoes to complete your stylish look and compliment your dress.We have hand-picked a few of our favourites  to cater every look- from elegant pumps, classy heels, designer heels, vintage or contemporary.Choose a pair that will make you feel glamorous and look beautiful…but before we get carried away by gorgeous shoes here’s a few tips to consider before buying your wedding shoes.


A fabulous pair:

Its you wedding and you are allowed to feel amazing, so a gorgeous pair is allowed , if you are a fashion -forward bride….grab a pair that will make a statement and make sure to give your guests a peek of you exquisite pair, lifting your dress hem for a few cheeky snaps by your photographer and a stunning pair of heels will add to your set up in your dressing room and capture those shots too.


Your seamstress will need these to pin the hem of your dress so allow time to shop and select pair before your alterations appointment.


Now this is even a number one rule. Your wedding day is not a rehearsal for walking down in heels and wobbling around so be practical if you don’t wear heels or cannot walk in them , opt for a comfortable gorgeous alternative and lots of options to make  shoes sparkle like detachable brooches that can be clipped onto your heels.


Does your venue allow stilettos – some venues with wooden floors are fussy about their floors so check with them. Are you having a garden wedding you may want to grad a pair of heel protectors so your heels are not sinking into the grass or perhaps a block heel or wedges may be suitable too. Wedding shoes don’t have to be ivory too- throw in some colour if it fits your theme or it could be your something “blue”

Get them worn in:

Wear your wedding shoes around the house to get them comfortable before your big day so they have moulded to fit your fit and feel comfortable to wear.Practice….practise walking in them so you really feel confident walking down the aisle.

Pamper your feet:

Now get ready to strut your walk down the aisle in your fabulous shoes- a pedicure to perfect those feet before your wedding day so your feet feel fabulous and paint those nails in your appropriate colour .

Now let’s look at our gorgeous pairs we have put together for you…hope you love them as much as we do.






Pumps “something blue”




Designer pair



Something blue.

































Beach theme



Block heel