A beautiful bouquet is the most iconic and lavish wedding day accessory every bride must ensure they get it perfect.There are several factors to help you decide all this – your wedding dress, colour theme of wedding , your body frame and height. Remember this forms a major part in your wedding photos and your walk as you grace that aisle.


Types of wedding bouquets:

Hand-tied, round, posy, cascading, pageant,single stem…..for our blog we will look at the most popular ones our brides over the years have picked, which are the posy, hand-tied, and cascading.

Our three popular bouquets with our brides:



Posy- suitable for entire bridal team( bride & bridesmaids)

The posy is the most popular bouquet arrangement, simple because its stunning for the bride and her bridesmaids can have the same arrangement too.The posy can be made up of small cluster of tightly packed flowers or large blooms , hydrangeas most popular flower used.Its suitable for most brides and also the posy creates an illusion of a clinched waist by drawing attention to mid- section





The greenery of this arrangement falls like a waterfall, down in a gravitational direction. Suitable for tall brides, not recommended for short brides /short-dresses /t-length due to the size of the arrangement.















This consists of hand-tied stems using a ribbon or can be just a single flower. Suits most styles, brides, suits short dresses.Ribbon can be ivory to compliment your dress or colour of your maids dresses.


Tips to consider when holding your bouquet:

-Don’t hold your bouquet too high- allow the bodice of your dress of any central mid-line embellishments like belts to be on display.  Holding it too high can get your arms tired quickly too. Ideal position is below your belly button, this will allow you to be relaxed and confident when you pose for your photos or walk down the aisle.


-Good to also tilt bouquet forward displaying any greenery . this is a good pose to adopt for your photos and how your bouquet will display and keep pigment of flowers away form your lovely dress.


-Always adopt a good posture before gripping your bouquet with your hands and remember for big or cascading arrangements a good grip of bouquet  is essential to ensure is sitting right.


Make the most of your bouquet.